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Hello guys,

I use LibreOffice for years. Actually, I’ve started with StarOffice and OpenOffice but in these ancient times, I confess I didn’t really spend the time I should to learn how to use this Office Suite because I was using Microsoft Office.

Am I still using Microsoft Office Suite ? Yes, I am. I use it daily at work. So, you wonder why this guy want to talk about LibreOffice ? The reason is easy to understand…

The LibreOffice Suite is “Open Source“, “Free“, “User-friendly” and it is developed by volunteers around the world. The Suite exists to improve our daily-use of an office program and helps us to save some amount of money instead of giving it to Microsoft or other private companies.

The Suite is composed by some softwares

Writer A text editor

Calc A spreadsheet

Impress A presentation composer

Draw A vector graphics editor

Base An editor and creator of databases

Math A formula editor

Somes advantages of LibreOffice

  • No licensing fees : all the suite is free. You will never have to pay to use it !
  • Open source : you can distribute, copy and modify the software in accordance with the licences.
  • Cross-plateform : LibreOffice can be installed on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac.
  • The different softwares of the Suite are connected to each other.
  • LibreOffice handle very well the Microsoft Office files even not everything is perfect.
  • The Suite uses some World standards such as “Open document” and XML.
  • You have the possibility to change the future of the Suite by giving your opinion or advices about the next developments to do on and

My own experience

In my experience, the LibreOffice Suite is strong enough to fill your needs at home and in your company. The Suite is more mature and stable than what it used to be. The applications crashed once or twice when I used them. However it wasn’t a big deal.

I deeply advice you to try this pearl of open source software on your own computer and also in your company for few weeks. You can even compare the options with Microsoft Office to see how close they are. It’s possible that some tasks you do with Microsoft Office will make you headache in LibreOffice but after watching some online tutorials you should be able to understand the concept in LibreOffice and maybe realized it’s well thought !

I really appreciate to sit at my desk with a fresh install of my computer with Microsoft Windows or GNU/Linux and just install LibreOffice without question myself about… Do I have any license left for this computer ? It’s such a dream to know the Suite uses “Open Document” format and will always be readable in 20-30 years. I am not dependant anymore of ONE COMPANY ! YEAH !!!

What else to say except Download it, Try it and Enjoy it !


The Worlds of Open Source and Free Softwares grow up day after day due to the the knowledge shared by people from all around the World. Thanks to every single one who invest time and energy to make our digital world better !

A fan of free softwares and LibreOffice !


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